Steve Hops - Hanscraft & Co.

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Pale Ale - International 5.5% ABV 45 IBU



With the Steve Hops Pale Ale by Hanscraft & Co., brewmaster Christian Hans Müller has conjured us a deliciously treat every-day pale ale. The four hop varieties used make for a fruity fresh impression, which harmonizes excellently with a sweetish malt body and is finally rounded off by a bitter hops bitterness. Steve Hops has already been featured at some Beer Festivals and is now finally available in our online store. In the glass, the Hanscraft & Co. shows Steve Hops Pale Ale in an orange-gold color robe and is decorated by a white foam crown. With the nose you can discover hop and fruity notes of orange and sweet berries. The Antrunk is wonderfully tasty and also fruity-fresh. A bit of malt and sweetish aromas of orange and apricot ensure that the 45 bitterness units are not overly dominant. Overall a great pale ale with excellent drinkability.



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