Juice - Schoppe Bräu

SKU: 00030

IPA - New England 6% ABV 40 IBU 


Thorsten Schoppe from Berlin has always done everything a bit differently and as the Berliners are like that, his new NEIPA has simply changed. The Juice by Schoppe Bräu is a so-called New England IPA and contrary to the usual natural cloudiness of this beer style, the NEIPA by Schoppe Bräu gets by without any turbidity. This does not spoil the beer, because the juice of Schoppe also convinces with wonderfully fruity hop aromas. Full-bodied 6.5% vol. Alcohol content has this "fruit juice" from Berlin and will certainly sweeten us one or the other summer evening.

As already mentioned, the Schoppe Bräu Juice NEIPA presents itself in a golden yellow hue, without any turbidity and is covered by a white head of foam. From the glass rise fruity notes that are reminiscent of mango and passion fruit. The first sip confirms fine malty and fruity notes of pineapple and orange, before a fine hop bitterness presses on the palate. Despite the 6.5% vol. Alcohol content very easily drinkable.



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