AMARSI - Himburgs BrauKunstKeller

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IPA - Imperial / Double 8.1% ABV 66 IBU




The Himburgs BKK Amarsi is a strong Double India Pale Ale. The hops varieties Amarillo and Simcoe used in the production are among the most spectacular and sought-after varieties worldwide. The Amarillo is not the typical citrus flavors offered, but rather a certain, harsh "oranginess", just like the shell of a tangerine smells. At the same time Amarillo hop brings a certain sweetness into the beer, which is not based on sugar and is therefore perceived more as a fruity sweetness. The Simco hops are fruity in a different way. The aromas are mainly accompanied by the smell of ripe mango with a certain woody note to remind the taste of a more gentle grapefruit. Combined with a slightly caramel-malted body, a thick batch of bitterness hides in a soft coat of malty sweetness, garnished with a summer fruit basket.



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